King Size Slim


Marketing Materials


Graphic Design, Screen

Rockett has an ongoing relationship with the musical force that is King Size Slim. Recently providing a new design for a release going out in 3 formats, with 3 versions and 3 styles. Aptly named 3, 6, 9. Along side this piece Rockett have provided various materials to help King Size get his message out to the world and will continue to do so.

Previously Rockett designed a concept for the Live album being recorded by King Size Slim aka Toby Barelli at The Palace in Hastings.
The Palace is a venue with lots of history and King Size is an act bringing various genres of music to one place in an original style.

We decided to go for a vintage feels to the design and as such sourced various elements to achieve this including a postal stamp and mark from Hastings 1908. The design was printed on to brown paper (locally sourced) and wrapped in paper string. Even that had to be specific as there were quite a few options.

There is even a selection of King Size Slim merchandise you can buy – also designed by Rockett.